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Born and Raised in the cultural city of Himalayan kingdom. Always been an enthusiast to the way of life and society of Nepal, which is assemblage of Nature, Art, Music, Architecture and Literature.





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In House Produced Video of Salalala

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Mannequin Savyata

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During October 2007, my friend Jupiter Pradhan was preparing for his Project “The Mannequin Civilization”, of which he had documented the theme in form of this beautiful poem that I couldn’t stop composing into the musical form after he showed it to me. The work was done and the song was ready by January 2008 for Jupy’s performance of Mannequin Series .

Collaboration with Jupiter Pradhan’s “Mannequin Civilizations”
Written by Jupiter Pradhan
Composed & Sunged by Jabil Manandhar
Music Arranged by Rajil Manandhar