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Born and Raised in the capital city of Majestic Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. I have always been a devotee to the culture and society of Nepal, which is an assemblage of music, architecture and literature.


In House Produced Video of Salalala

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Saath Rahe (Demo Video)

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Mannequin Civilizations

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During October 2007, my friend Jupiter Pradhan was preparing for his Project “The Mannequin Civilization”, of which he had documented the theme in form of this beautiful poem that I couldn’t stop composing into the musical form after he showed it to me. The work was done and the song was ready by January 2008 for Jupy’s performance of Mannequin Series .

Collaboration with Jupiter Pradhan’s “Mannequin Civilizations”
Written by Jupiter Pradhan
Composed & Sunged by Jabil Manandhar
Music Arranged by Rajil Manandhar

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Tyo Gahirai (Depth)

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This song was created back in the late 90’s when one cloudy evening we were jamming in the roof top our home. Rajil came up with the intro-riff in an Arabian pattern & I hummed the tune accordingly reciting the lyric as it came out looking at the cloudy sky.

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Kathor Sabdha

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The song was written and composed back in the 2002, we re-arranged and composed music during 2004-05, when Rajil and I was working on our music.

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Saath Rahe (Of the Camel)

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Rajil was experimenting with electronic music and came up with the Abarian Theme, he at first entitled his music as “Of the Camel”, in which I found the story and wrote a song about intimacy between a man and a camel in the middle of the desert, The camel is the only companion to him, if they lost each other, one alone can be left abandon to die in the middle of the desert.
The song later on was improvised into a Rock Music.

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Salalala (Part of the Rain)

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This is one of our favorite compositions and also liked by all of our friends. Rajil first composed the music on his own and by chance I had written a poem earlier which we thought was the best lyrical combination with the music. And so I worked out in the song’s tune and Rajil kept on improvising the music.

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